About the sessions

Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is usually an hour and a quarter. You will have the opportunity to explore a little of what might have brought you to counselling. I welcome any questions you might have about counselling and my approach, to help you decide whether counselling is right for you. My fee for the consultation session is £55.

Sessions are weekly, at an agreed time and day. Each session is fifty minutes long and the fee is £50 per session.

Counselling is strictly confidential, which helps to create a safe environment. However there are some limits to confidentiality. I discuss my work with a supervisor (the client’s identity is not revealed) to ensure a good standard of practice within an ethical framework. All records are stored securely.  If I am concerned there may be serious risk of harm to the client or another person, I would need to discuss the situation with my Supervisor but would make every attempt to inform the client concerned before doing so, to discuss the best way forward. I hold a current Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate.

Feel free to contact me
Tel: 07535 552 295
Email: vichazard@outlook.com