About counselling

“The body and the human personality form a cup. Every time you meet someone, something is poured in.” Rumi 

People come to counselling for many different reasons and often find it a transformative experience. Every client brings new ways of looking at things, yet as fellow humans there are common themes we experience when going through difficult times.

You may need someone to help you express yourself and find a way to talk about what is troubling you. You might want support when events are painful and you feel unable to cope alone. Through counselling we will build a trusting therapeutic relationship that allows you the space and time to share and explore your feelings.

We can all feel alone and isolated at times. Having a safe space to talk can help you open up and rediscover parts you have forgotten, understand yourself and find new strengths to build a more fulfilled future. Therapy is often hard, but through the work you will build a stronger, more trusting relationship with yourself.

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